Monday, October 09, 2006

Pennies and short reprieves

Here is how I keep Penny close to me now days. On the road trip, I carried a Canadian penny in my pocket all the way. When we got back home, Frank made that penny, and a good few others, into an eyeglass holder for me that I pin to my shirt and can hang my glasses on instead of using that chain that made me feel 600 years old and got all tangled up all the time. And so Penny sits over my heart every day. It looks as if it's heavy, but thats just how the t-shirt hung for the photo.

We rescheduled Steven's bmb for Thursday this week - he was concerned about being able to do his college math test this evening only a few hours after the bmb. So Thursday it is. It was stunning to me just how much I calmed down after moving the appointment - I was dreading the procedure but also know that nothing will keep me away from being there with/for him while he goes through that again. Well, now I get a few days reprieve from those thoughts - until Thursday - then I will start revving again. Frank says I get hyper and he tries to slow me down during the day - apparently I do everything in superspeed! I don't really notice it. Much.

I then called BC/BS to try to see what I could sort out with the bmb coverage, and to my embarrasment (I had been huffing and puffing about all this for a good week by now!) discovered why it is that we are paying for the biopsies. He has a $5000 deductible that must be met first before they cover outpatient surgeries........... Once that amount is met, they will cover it. Fortunately they still cover everything else without waiting for the deductible. Talk about feeling like a fool for not reading everything properly! :-( We cannot change the deductible at all as that would automatically exclude Steven from coverage because of his cml.

When we first got the insurance, we never thought of something like this - a leg or arm break, or maybe a crash on his bike or car - not this ongoing testing. Maybe we would have made the deductible less, but I know that we are incredibly thankful that he does have insurance. Very thankful indeed. So. I have sent a mental apology to BCBS and have read my personal insurance coverage with my proper reading glasses on!

Steven has changed his work hours to 3rd shift for about a year until he has some college behind him and he can get a job using CAD. This young man impresses the heck out of me, he keeps on moving forward, making plans and really striving to do better all the time.

And I have just said another goodbye. My youngest daughter who is a US Marine left tonight to go to her new duty station in California. I know she will be fine, she is under "mama-orders" to stay safe, but we will miss her so much! It was terribly difficult to wave her goodbye not knowing when I will see her again. sniff.

I am jumping around a bit tonight but forgot to mention that Steven's blood tests came back all in the ok range - most well within the normal range and the others just a tad high or low but too close to even think of worrying about. I am tempted to go for a CBC just to see where mine are for comparison purposes - it would be interesting to see.

More another day

Love and Light

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