Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'll see you, Penny.

24th October 2006

Penny died quietly this morning and our world is a much emptier place. So many words and feelings whirring around my mind and heart but they just dont seem to want to come out in any coherant format today.

My heart literally hurts and then hurts some more when I think of Michael, her sisters, children and parents and what they are all going through. I stood in the kitchen today and the tears were falling hard and fast and then I found myself gently laughing with the tears still falling - Damn, Penny was good! She was so special that she has people all over the world shedding tears for her passing away, for how much they are going to miss her, many smiling through their tears in the knowledge that she is finally free of this disease, that she can dance again - and in my mind I heard her soft, gentle laugh and saw the sparkle in her eyes. I had to laugh. She felt so close.

She is so special and will always be alive in my heart and so many other hearts too. There is no way to describe just how incredible this lady is - go to www.PenniesforCancer.com and read her blog from there. It is an experience you will never forget. Pass the word forward - to everyone!

I was truely so incredibly fortunate to be able to meet Penny and her family. I don't know whether that makes it easier or more difficult to process her dying - I just know that I have been so very blessed by having her in my life, even if it has been for such a short time so far.

Experiencing the pain at losing Penny, and trying to imagine what Michael, her parents, her sisters and children are going through has made me more determined to help fight this awful disease......

The tears keep falling, even though I know........ even though we all know. It simply does not take the pain away.

Penny, you are an inspiration to me, you are incredible, you will be in my heart forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my friend. It was truely an honor. I love you.

See ya.............


Trish said...

And she loved you too Annie *HUGS*

Anonymous said...


Both you and Penny are wonderful people and you both will be remembered always. I hope all goes well for your son. He is one lucky man!

I enjoyed reading your blog, especially reading about your trip to Alberta.

Take care