Saturday, July 08, 2006


The good news? Steven is still doing really great! He has color and plenty smiles and looks better and better. The light tan from a sunburn helped too. :-) And now he has seen how easily he burns with gleevec and will be extra careful next time! They are really looking forward to the flight to Oregon and to get to meet with Dr Druker.

We are really so fortunate. So deeply fortunate................

There are a good many D-Days before we leave.

  • First we drop off the motorhome with the signwriters on the 12th - next week! - so that the wrapping can happen.
  • Early the next morning we leave to get my youngest daughter from Parris Island where she is graduating from Marines Boot Camp.
  • Then we have a doctors appointment for Steven early the following week.
  • On the 24th Joleen is scheduled to leave for another step on the Marines road and then.....................
  • We will start our adventure either on the eve of the 25th or morning of the 26th July.

We are slowly packing up the house, the business and organising everything that goes along with closing up for over two months. Steven's flight plans to Oregon and Dr Druker will be finalised in mid August so we don't even have a definate date for his travel plans yet.

As soon as we are out on the road, I will be sending updates about where we are, what we are doing and hopefully some photographs too via email. The main site for the Alaska Fundraiser is and you will be able to link to the updates from there or go to

I do remember the days of pure terror at the beginning of Steven's diagnosis. It feels like at least three lifetimes away, yet is so clear as well. It is amazing to me how much we have settled into the new normal without even fully noticing its arrival. It is difficult sometimes to know whether to even bring up the subject of the leukemia with Steven or just leave it be, mostly we leave it be. I have to talk to him about it all again before we leave - you know- mother stuff, enough to make up for the months we will be gone - I can just see those eyes already! :-)

Every now and again, when everything is quiet, maybe more so when I am tired or Steven has looked tired or pale after a long day at work, the thought sneaks into my mind again. Steven has cancer. I find myself holding my breath, waiting for the wave of all those feelings to wash over me again. But mostly they don't anymore. And with a gentle 'hmmm', a semi crooked smile I can think and see only the positives. The 'what if's' have faded somewhat into the background and Frank has a really good outlook - don't worry about it until/if it happens. Plenty time to worry then!

I do look at my son more carefully than I used to do at the beginning of the year. My heart does squeeze when he is not 150%, even after a rough week at work - yes, my standards for him have gone up! I am allowed to be at 10%, but he HAS to be at least 120% - at all times! And every day I am eternally grateful for today and hope and pray that all three my "kids" have a very full and lovely life...

This cancer has taught us all so much.....


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Anonymous said...

You guys are just one incredible family. Here's wishing you all the strength with the trip and speedy recovery for Steven and all the people who will hopefully benefit from your have guts!!!!