Friday, July 21, 2006

Three Days...........

On Monday Steven had another blood test and a visit with his doctor. Of course I had a gazillion questions to ask so I went along. This was only the second time Steven was going to see this doctor - the last appointment was cancelled due to a scheduling problem, which was no big deal as he was going to see Dr K at Vanderbilt.

So I asked my questions and said that I was quite happy to leave the two of them alone to continue the appointment. Dr J turned to Steven with a quirky little smile on his face and asked him if he was totally happy with me there. Steven said yes and the look in the doctors eyes became pure, unadulterated mischief! He started firing very personal questions at Steven, not waiting for an answer while Steven frantically waved me out of the room! It was hilarious to see both their faces. Dr J was joking but it took Steven a while to recover.......... It was truely hilarious! Methinks I will leave the appointments up to Steven unless I have a very specific reason to go along. It was a lovely light moment - for me, anyway :-)

The blood results came back beautiful! I never thought numbers were beautiful - but these were. This doctor also says that he prefers not to do bone marrow biopsies which pleased Steven no end.

So. We can leave with the knowledge that Steven is still on the right track and that he is really easy and comfortable with Dr J. A great relief on both counts.

And on the fundraiser side of things: The RV now has over 100 names on its sides and is simply wonderful - we cannot get over it! Someone took one look, gasped and said "Oh My! Can you get it OFF?" We all laughed.

We went to the kickoff party downtown Chattanooga, taking the rv with us. Stacia from the LLS was very pleasantly surprised at what it looked like and a few more people from there gave us their names to ride with us.

The wheels have not yet turned and its already amazing. The emails are rolling in and I am learning so much from everyone that tells me their story. Some are heartbreaking and others so courageous - they are all filled with hope, encouragement and caring. I find myself a mere millimeter away from tears when writing the names on the rv and say a silent prayer for each one that goes on there. For each name there is at the very least, one caregiver - these people are also in my heart, mind and prayer.....they are fighting equally hard against this disease.

The shop is going nuts now that we are closing it down till we get back. Everyone has realised that they had better bring their sick computers now - and they sure are doing it! This is wonderful as we are able to get rid of most of our stock and are ensuring that there will be enough gas money to get us back home!

Three days and we leave. Our aim is to leave on Tuesday 25th between 9 and 10am. I sincerely hope it is not raining! I am not fond of starting a trip in the rain. We also need to start packing sometime soon, we keep delaying this. The piles in the house are growing but somehow the stuff is not finding its way outside. We knew where everything belonged in the other rv - the one that burned on Christmas Day...... and its going to be interesting to pack this one up.

Three days! wow. The excitement is building.


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