Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Results

Steven had his blood test this past Sunday............ and once again, all is looking very well! All the blood counts are either within normal range or really close. Each place gives the results in a slightly different way, which sometimes takes some digging around to sort out - but we got there. Steven looks good, he feels good apart from being tired and this is a side effect, but it is not bad enough that it stops him from getting on with his life.

This process of being relieved at the results, coasting for a few days and then starting to build up to the next test, is already getting easier but will take a looong time to become 'normal'. Every time I think about it, I cannot help but be thankful that he is reacting so well, can go on with his life with relative ease and that, right now, life is relatively easy with this disease. There are so many people out there that don't have the hope that we do with Steven, they dont have the comfort of knowing that they will survive their cancer and their families must feel so tremendously powerless in the face of this all. I know that I feel "power-full" right now because Steven is doing so well and I can use some of my time doing and thinking other things too. I remember all too clearly that feeling of absolute helplessness I had in the beginning of this road - it was not a place I would like to revisit.

Pennies For Cancer is fast becoming a reality! It is really an exciting opportunity to make a difference over a long period of time......... we hope to have the "real" web site up by this weekend and cannot wait to see what Adi is doing with it.

Our Alaska fundraiser is going to be in the local newspaper this weekend and again next week Wednesday! Hopefully this will help get the story out there and light the fire of success under this journey!

The Leukemia Society has given us permission to use their logo on the motorhome and will supply the artwork to have the graphics put on the sides of it. Now we are looking for a company, person/s to help us pay for this. We are doing the trip, but cannot afford to decorate the motorhome as well. The fundraiser depends on this - we have to be tremendously visible in order to grab the attention of the media and people as we travel and keep the interest alive and the donations flowing! Any ideas or help on this will be tremendously welcome..............

I have to do some serious work on the RoadRunnersUSA site as this will be our update site for the Alaska trip and will be the place for all the information on anything relating to that.

Please visit - if you have artwork you would like to donate, please email me either directly or at

Please sign up to walk Light the Night, help fundraise and tell as many people as you can! Visit and register with us - Road Runners USA team - Steven and Laura will be walking at Coolidge Park, Chattanooga and if we are not back by that date, we will walk elsewhere. Please make sure that Steven and Laura have plenty of you with them - it will count for SO much! Thanks!

Penny, thank you. You have added a dimension to my life that I did not even realise was missing. Thank you!

And Steven, my boy, I love you!


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Anonymous said...

You should look at local shops who do vinyl sticker applications on cars and things like that. They may be willing to donate time/materials.

I think your fundraiser is a wonderful idea, as well as Pennies for Cancer. Keep up the wonderful work!