Friday, May 05, 2006

Good Days........

Today I read this in an article found on Google......:
"Furthermore, doctors say they can paint a very optimistic picture for patients now diagnosed with CML. They feel these new agents are taking it from a controllable disease with long-term survival and moving it into a possibility for a potential cure -- even a cure at a molecular level."
Is that not fantastic information? Its amazing how a little sentence like that makes the soul sing again, makes the sun shine and gives me more 'oomph' to keep on going!

Steven is about done with his motorswop in his 240sx, looking tired from working the long hours at work and then working on the car at night. But its almost done. He dropped by here the other night and I filled him in briefly on all that has been happening while he was busy under the hood of the car - he was really keen to get it going, even being totally ok with having good photos taken and being interviewed on Tuesday! This is the same Steven that has created a million photos of his face behind his hand?? Wonderful! He also has the next bloodwork done this weekend - yes the tension builds but I am absolutely certain that he will be ok. And if he is not - we will make him ok! There is so much positive news out there regarding CML.

I have to say again that all the support I have been getting from our family and friends as well as everyone on the newsgroups and boards and through email has really been fantastic! The friends we have made, the laughs we have found, and the light in our life....... could it all be because of something as awful as cancer? Amazing, isn't it?

We have an interview with the first local newspaper on Tuesday morning and hopefully soon the tv and radio station too. This fundraiser "Road Runners USA - Ride the Road for Cure" is starting to take off now. Time is getting short and Frank and I are starting to make sure we know everything about the new motorhome and slowly getting it packed up! We are SO looking forward to being out there on the open road............. my camera is leering at me, resting as much as possible before it has to work permanent overtime hours!

And is fast becoming reality. Penny has an interview in Canada early next week with the Alberta Cancer Foundation and letters for potential art prints from willing artists, have been sent out. Now for the website to grow to what it needs to be and we will be rocking on that front too! Penny is such an amazing person - we have yet to meet and have only had one short telephone call where we both discovered that we had accents! At times I have a hard time staying even and less chance of getting ahead of this lady. When I feel that I am just too tired to think straight - there pops in yet another email and it energizes me. It is going to be absolutely fantastic to meet her when we head up to Alaska!

So, things are looking good right now. Please, please follow this link, join our team , Road Runners USA, to walk, and DONATE - every little bit will help. ALL funds raised go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. And keep going back to to see the progress made there. Please also visit Penny's blog - she has so much courage, grace and strength that reading her story will enrich your lives too. It certainly did mine..

I will post Stevens results when I get them - hopefully not too long after he does the test!

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