Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bouncing around

Everything is going well. Steven still has virtually no side effects. Sure he gets tired, but he works hard and is still working on the motor swop for the 240sx. Generally he is doing just great. The weather is starting to be beautiful more often than not and business in the shop is picking up again. I got the prints of my paintings - they look good, and I have a meeting on Thursday that will hopefully be fruitful towards getting the motorhome 'decorated' with the Leukemia Society logos.........

And I read the boards and newsgroups where everyone is so helpful, positive and full of information. Mostly I get a 'lift' from these messages, mostly. I have to admit that I have been riding high on trying to get the fundraiser going, letting it take most of my days and thoughts and energies. I think I have been hoping that if I just believe that all will be ok, then we can all go on with our lives 'as normal'. I forgot that the old normal is just that - the old normal. The new normal is still a foreign animal............and it bites at the most unexpected times.

I read of blood counts bouncing around, of people coming out of remission, of mutations and mutation tests. I read that even after many many years, this is an issue that is really high up on the scale of things in daily life. For a while there I tried to tell myself that this was "like diabetes" - Yea, well, that sure did not work! Or maybe its just because Steven is getting closer to another blood test that my nerves are beginning to get raw again. Or maybe I simply need an early night. Or maybe its because its going to be SO difficult to be away for two months after being so closely involved in this process! I really hope that our plan to get Steven and Laura out to Oregon to see Dr Druker works out......... we will get to see them there too. Maybe us being away will be good for Steven too - give him a breather without the 'worry wart' just up the road :-)

Whatever it is that is dragging on me a tad, is very irritating. I want it to go away and go away now. I still get angry every now and again, but not for long - there is not point. It's probably not anger at all, just frustration at learning new ropes. Whatever it is, I sure hope it leaves soon.

Ok - enough of that! The prints of the paintings look really good! 8 x 10, selling for a donation of $20 each. Send positive wishes that we sell all 1000 of them and have to make lots more. Pass the word around or let me know if you want one - the email contact is on the left of the main page of this blog.

We are going to be in the newspaper again this week - and in there will be the request for help in getting the logos on the motorhome. It will really make such a difference having the LLS logos on there. We are starting a list of the names of people who have CML and want their name on the MH too - I hope there will be many..........if we cannot get the money together for the logos - we will simply fill the sides up with names. If you have CML and want your name on our motorhome for the ride - email me! Just your first name and initial of your last name. Tell me a bit about yourself, but only if you want to - I won't share that information at all. Ride along with us - this trip is for all CML'ers.

And so another day ends. We are both SO looking forward to that open road, to being able to kick back and relax and just drive............

Please dont forget to keep checking back to see when our Penniesforcancer.com site is up and running - it should be anyday now! Thats a really exciting project...........

If you are reading my blog, you are involved in or care about someone with cancer or some other illness. Never forget to Pay Forward. Someway, somehow - pay forward. It may be in a kind word, or action or in a donation, or simply a positive thought or prayer.

Pay Forward - it's what gives us power.


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