Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We forgot!

Still waiting for those PCR results........ and the most amazing thing happened.  We both forgot, totally forgot his doctors appointment on Tuesday!

It was quite something to find that I was smiling as I texted Steven to ask him about the appointment.... smiling!  I never ever would have thought that I could ever have totally forgotten about an appointment to get those results, but to be able to laugh about it - wow.

Now I hope this does not happen again, and I definitely don't think its generally a good thing to forget a doctors appointment - but under the circumstances, I know that it brings a lot of peace with it - forgetting this time felt gooooood!

I know better than to become complacent, to pretend that there is nothing to worry about.  I know that sometimes life just does not work out the way we want or need it too.  And with this in mind, I want to ask you all to visit with Dori and her family.  This family has shown such strength, such character and caring..... send them a message, a hug.

Life is so incredibly precious, so tenuous and worth living every single minute to the best of our ability.  I often wonder how I would live tomorrow if I could see into my future.   Maybe thats why we cannot see tomorrow.  Just live today the best way possible, this moment is all we really have.

Love and light


Chuck said...

Of all the things in the world to forget, test results... Hmmm glad things are going well and you and Steven have everyday life to deal with. Sometimes forgetting can be a good sign. The best part is to be able to laugh about it. I hope you both enjoyed your forgetful day. It is well deserved.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing to feel "normal" enough to forget about CML! I, too, have CML. I was diagnosed just over 3 1/2 years ago. Only now am I starting to feel like I can live a normal life again, especially after "disappointing" my doctor with my perfect test results a few months ago (he wanted to switch me from Gleevec to Sprycel).

There are no guarantees in life - just enjoy what you have without fear of what tomorrow might bring. Live and love with all you have.