Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wonderful news!

Dylan B - Son of Matt and Wendy........
Here is life, hope and a brand new baby soul bringing joy to his very happy parents. Despite Matt having CML and being on Gleevec, Dylan arrived on the 27th December 2009, a couple of days early, perfectly healthy and absolutely beautiful...... :) See? It looks as if he is already calling the shots and telling the world what to do - just look at that little finger!
Congratulations Matt and Wendy.... what a beautiful little son you have. Read Matt's CML blog here..

The birth of their little boy is such positive news, not only for them, but for the CML community. These babies are commonly referred to as "Gleevec Babies" - Gleevec being the cml medication Matt uses to keep his leukemia at bay. Each time I read about a baby born while dad is on Gleevec, it makes me smile just a little wider. By the time Steven and Laura are ready to start a family, I know I will worry just that little less.

A big thanks to Matt and Wendy for sharing their news with us all........

love and light


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful beautiful happy and healthy baby.
The gift of life continues in spirit baby little steven.

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I had the privledge of meeting Matt and Wendy last fall. They are both special people who are well qualified to raise a child and be excellent parents. I am soo thrilled for both of them !

Barbara (UK) said...

Congratulations to Matt and Wendy on the birth of their beautiful baby son. Another wonderful photograph Annie. xxx