Friday, August 07, 2009

Hanging in there........

No PCR results yet......

This time around I am leaving it up to Steven to call.  Up to now I have always jumped in there first, taking that away from him, keen to get those results as soon as possible.  This time I have decided to leave it in his hands.  Totally.  Aaaaarrrrggghhhh.  His doctor's appointment is mid August - I dont even know the exact date!  I will not ask him to call, will not remind him to call, will not even HINT that he should/could do either..  

The conversations in my head get very interesting at times..... time and time again a little voice almost convinces me that its ok to let slip in some 'innocent' way, to remind him to call, I have had very 'casual' conversations in my head with Laura, trying to find out if he will call or just wait till his appointment...... and so far, I have not yet given in.  One side of me would do anything to get those results and the other side will do anything plus more to be able to leave it up to him.   

He is working with us again tomorrow and its going to be a long day with much tongue and cheek biting to stop that question....but I am determined! Wish me luck!

Drop in on Nick and send him some good healing vibes and a note as well - he is fighting hard against many things right now and can do with all the well wishes possible - all of them can.

Have a great weekend

love and light

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