Friday, July 10, 2009

more hope.....

Data showing the ability of omacetaxine to kill leukemic stem cells in mouse models with drug-resistant chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) are the subject of an advance online publication in the journalLeukemia, ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals Limited (ASX:CXS and NASDAQ:CXSP) has announced. The findings of this study provide new insights into the problem of minimal residual disease and may open the door to the development of a curative treatment strategy for some patients with CML.

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Thanks to Hans for the reminder about this article.... it's this progress that keeps me sane, keeps my life on an even keel....  
And then I find one of my pictures that really do inspire me as well.  Look at the barren-ness of the landscape around this tree - and its holding on and growing too!  We have so much hope for the cml-ers of today.  Just wonderful.  
It's easy to get scared at times with CML, it's not something that is totally controllable for ever, it's not something that once under control will always stay that way.  CML can do whatever it wants and we will all just have to adjust to that.  Again.  This is why the tests are done so regularly - to keep an eye on it so that we can catch it if it decides to mutate or take a different course.
Yes it's scary and yes it's cancer and sometimes I need to remind myself that all three my kids are exposed to all sorts of things that could harm them every day - all the nuts on the road, falling aircraft, other diseases, biting dogs and things like the swine flu.  
Thats when I really do 'get a grip' and count my blessings that our lives are not totally run by CML and that we do have the space in our minds to worry about, and enjoy, the normal things of every day life.  This takes time to get to and the first year was really the worst for me as I got used to having to stand back and wait and then to try to learn to control my worries and fears.  And again - we have been so fortunate that Steven's cml has not been giving us too much of a rocky road.  I really wish it were like this for everyone...  (you too Kelly and husband.)
I just know there is going to be a cure for this disease - it may entail encouraging my child to take arsenic or something else I cannot spell, it will entail being totally thrilled with test results in the below zero range.  I hold in my mind the picture of the celebrations that will be held world wide when this happens.  I also hold in my mind the pictures of many people who did not get the chance to hang around till that time - and they hold a special place.  They are the people who tried different drugs, were in the drug trials, who helped the scientists and doctors try new things or note the drugs that did not work under certain circumstances.  They are the people who opened the road to the cure.  Makes me quite tearful to think of just how much we all owe them.

love and light

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