Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ending the year right.......

This past year has made me more aware of so many things.  These past few years since Steven was diagnosed with cml, have done this.  It's hard to believe that in a mere two months and some change, we would have been on this cml road for three years already!  It's amazing how many important things I have learned about life in such a short space of time.  It's weird how emotional I have become - although I know it's probably got something to do with my age too.......but lets not go there now  :)  It's a good emotional though - it does not floor me, does not bring me down, but helps me keep the important things in life, in focus and is ok as long as the box of tissues is close by!

I want to let 2008 go with some really important thoughts and ideals to keep me going into the new year.....a year that I just insist is going to be a really great one.

Here is a video of a  young lady recovering from her bone marrow transplant - quite an incredible lady and her family.  Yup - I cried watching this.  Tears of hope and sadness too that they had to go through this.  But look at everything they have achieved!  Michelle and her family is amazing.  Anyone in her area - join the registry!

And here is another trial for the cure of cml, the killing of the sleeper cells, and a talk by cml specialist, Dr Ravi Bhatia.  Here he explains why he believes that cml is not cured by Gleevec, Nilotinib or Dasatinib.  It's interesting 
and so positive.  It's just awesome to listen to these amazing people.  These doctors and scientists who are working so hard to find a cure, or to figure out cml - they are hero's, my hero's!

And Adrian - If you have not read his blog - do so!  He was an incredible inspiration to people all over the world - still is....  He changed things, big things and really made a difference in this world.  Adrian's Army and his parents, Kay and Keith are keeping his work going - see if you can get involved in some way.  

Lea has fought against cml hard and is now a year past transplant and went skiing this vacation!  It's fantastic that she has shared her journey with everyone - it really gives me hope and there is absolutely nothing like reading such an incredible success story!  Both her and Shane, another transplantee, hardly ever update their blogs anymore which is absolutely wonderful - no news is definitely good news in both cases and its so right that they get on with living their lives and have less and less to write about regarding cml.  It's stories like these that have literally lit up my life this past year.

Little Bianca and her family had to adjust the celebrating of Christmas because of treatments and are in a small bump in the road right now, but they keep on sharing smiles and the good things in life - where do these people get the strength from?

And Dawn - oh boy, she is fighting so flipping hard right now.  Go to her site - donate blood, get on the registry, send her and Mike and their families a message - I want so badly for her to be ok!

Oh there are too many that are not around to see this year come to an end, too many. But each one has left so many with so muc
h love and energy, the will to do something to change life for others and a new depth of character that can only come from a really deep worry and pain.

There are so many people that I watch and follow on their determined walk with cancer  - and they have taught me so much.  Somehow this past year seems more intense and filled with depth than the year before.

I wish for everyone that this coming year is one where we can all make a difference.  Sometimes we think it has to be something big - but that's not the case.  A note, a flower, a smile or just listening without interrupting can make all the difference in someone's life.  Think of something and just go ahead and enjoy doing it!  Be a light to or for someone.......... even if it is for just a minute...
In many ways I am happy to leave this year behind me, but then I think of those that won't be in the new year and I don't know if I am ready for another year yet, don't know that I am ready to let the year go and start a new one.  But - there is no option, as we all

May this be a good year, a positive year, a year filed with an extra dose of love and warmth and the opportunity to make a difference somewhere, somehow.

And thanks, so many thanks......

love and light


Anonymous said...


This is beautiful. Please sign all your emails with this blog website because it is a reminder that it is here. What it represents are true emotions, thoughts, and feelings. So real and raw.

You have brought so much light and love to so many people's lives. I can not believe about a year ago you entered my life and brought both hope and friendship.

May your 2009 be filled with sunshine (Baja sunshine!)

hockeychic said...


Thank you so much for the wonderful blog that you write. Because of Adrian, I found your site. You have done so much to raise awareness and support people, it really is wonderful.

Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful New Year.