Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas thoughts....

The best thing about Christmas for me is that it gives us another chance to get together, to let those close to us know that we love them and to do something special for others.  And so it was again this year.  Hours filled with hugs, smiles, caring and laughter.  It's not in the gifts at all - its in the caring and the care taken and the light in the kids eyes and the magic.  

It's in the's in the magic of a tree all lit up in a darkened room, in the nail biting of the excited little girls as they waited for the gifts to be handed out.... It's in the wonder.

For me, Christmas is the end of the year in so many's when I think about the year that is past, the so many good things that have happened, the special people and the incredible amount of love that has been spread around in another year...  I think about the people that are struggling with the loss of their friends and family and those still struggling to hang in there - even they give so much love.  It's just amazing how it sometimes seems that those hurting the most, those struggling the most or those that have lost the most seem to be able to comfort and deal out love in incredible doses.

And these days I find that I cry at everything!  I cry at a good story, at a sad story, a happy ending, at the end of a good evening and sometimes just because.....  Maybe I should just sit and howl it all out - think that feeling would go away?  Hmmmmm

2009.  What do I want for 2009?   I don't know that I can answer that question right now.  I want so much for so many, but how to put that all in words...... I have learned to be very careful about what I ask for so I think I will just let this one lay there for a while before I put it in actual words.

Health - may you all have the best possible health.  And Dawn and Tyler - so many special, special wishes and hopes and thoughts heading your way.

Love and light

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CML Wife said...

Annie -

Thanks so much for thinking of us in the midst of your holiday. The sun is dawning again today and I'm hoping that we might get to head home and have some Christmas this weekend. Our best wishes for a fantastic 2009 for you and yours!

Tyler and Mandy