Thursday, November 06, 2008

a bit more.......

I was just sitting here for a few minutes before going to end the day....and I realized that I am smiling again. It's like a reprieve from something truly horrible, this getting those results! Even if they are not perfect or with numbers or anything - at least they tell me that my son will be ok for a while longer at least. There is no way to fully describe this feeling, it's too deep, too meaningful.

The difference in me is difficult to grasp - even after just minutes of seeing the results. It's in the way the moisture that jumped to my eyes in relief, dried before they became tears, it's in finding that relaxed smile or realizing just how many muscles were clenched and tense in anticipation. It's in how I looked around the room wanting to reach for my camera again - first time in days and in the lovely feeling that I see me again - well apart from my mom in the morning mirror!

Whatever it is, I know how incredibly blessed I am in SO many ways.

love and light
Here are my three chickens and my eldest nephew, 4th chicken (in solid red), many many years ago.   Steven in rear right, Joleen front left and Lisa in blue. All so sweet and cute and happy and healthy! So incredibly blessed we are .......


Jon Gershon said...


Thanks for keeping us all posted about Steven's progress. It is great to see how well he is doing. I know you follow mine and Steven's scores in a similar manner since we were diagnosed the same week. Fortunately, we are both doing well.

I also wanted to thank you for encouraging me to visit Dr. Druker. What a great experience that has been. Please send my positive vibes to Steven and your whole family. May we all be PCRU soon.

Jon Gershon

hockeychic said...

I'm glad you are smiling again. I can only imagine the relief.