Thursday, August 21, 2008

A very sad day...RIP Adrian

Adrian was one heck of a guy....... a young man who could have been angry and bitter and done nothing - and he had a right to do that.  But no, he took life by the horns and really, really made a difference.  His fight was a success.  We all have to die someday, but we don't all choose to live in the manner that Adrian did, even if we have years and years left!  

He was ticked at the successes of this disease and the lack of knowledge about marrow donation and wanted to make a difference.  And he definitely succeeded!  That's not losing the battle at all - that's winning, and winning with love.

Adrian is hero.  He did not ask to be in the position he was in and I am absolutely sure that he had no idea just a few years ago that he would make such an impact on so many people worldwide.   When he was handed this situation - he dealt with it an a way that makes him a true hero - he gave and gave and gave again, no doubt saving many lives that would not have been if he had not been as determined as he was to change something really important. 

So, along with being a son, brother, grandson, friend and more, he was also a hero and a lifesaver.  His actions might well be the catalyst that saves my son or someone else I know and love......... how awesome is that?

I will miss his blogs, his attitude and his ability to motivate people he would never even meet.  Although the world is a richer place because of Adrian, it's definitely emptier now too.  Adrian will be a part of my life, a part of who I am, always.

Kay, words of comfort fail me - I don't believe there are any that would work.  I have tried not to imagine your pain - it's a futile exercise though and  just the thought brings the tears and wobbles.  I hope that I never understand what you are going through and I deeply wish there was a way to make it easier for you all.  My heart is broken for you and Keith and Carrie, and all your family.

It was because of Adrian that we started the combination blood and marrow donor drive in our little home town of Soddy Daisy, Tennessee.  This will be held as part of "Adrian's Army", in memory of Adrian and in honor of Steven.  

The wonderful part of having a combination donor drive is that the "blood people" will cover the cost of all marrow donors that sign up during the drive!  This is awesome as the cost is normally $52 per person to get 'typed' and added to the Marrow Registry.....  So - if any of you are close by on the 25th October 2008, please come and be part of the amazing legacy that Adrian has started.

My heart is heavy with Adrian's passing - I will never forget him or what he has done for me.

Love and light
A double dose to all that love him


hockeychic said...

Thank you for this wonderful, elegant post to Adrian. I hope the bone marrow drive is a huge success.

Christine said...

Hi I am one of Adrian's Army and have just discovered that some of us have a link to our website when we click on our name on Adrians blog. I'm not blonde for nothing. I just wanted to wish you luck and say have a wonderful trip. Chris