Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello's and goodbyes...

Wow - what a wonderful 10 days this has been!  My daughter and her husband came to visit us and arrived right on my mom's 80th birthday.  We had organized a surprise party and it all came together so incredibly well.  It was a really wonderful evening with all my children in one place, all my family together - kids, mom, nephews, nieces and grandchildren too!

The days screamed by in typical fashion with the shop being very, very busy too.  And today it was time for more goodbyes......... Joleen and Billy left at midday and yes, I bawled!  Sorry Joleen! :) That left me a tad wobbly for a few hours but then I had to pull myself together and start some serious packing.   We are leaving tomorrow morning for about a month on the road! 

We travel the best with no definate plans so tomorrow we will pull out of here around 7am and only then pull out a map and see which road will take us back up to Canada, the Icefield Parkway and perhaps even up to Alaska again. We never really know where we are going which makes for some lovely surprises and, of course, many many photos.

So Steven and Laura came around to get all the goodies out of the fridge -  everything that would not keep, some chocolates and jerky too  :) And then that goodbye.  And the last goodbye today, after both my sisters and my mom too, was Lisa-lu who was already in bed at 9.30pm!  

What happened?  The kids always fought so hard to stay up late at night and us parents needed early nights, now if I call the kids after 9.30pm - they are asleep!  It makes me laugh.  And here I sit up till midnight many, many nights.

Steven looks good, tired but good.  He has his new schedule for cbc's and pcr's sent to him and I am absolutely determined not to worry at all while on the road. 

I am SUCH a fortunate mama.......... three amazing, wonderful, lovely and caring children all with equally wonderful partners and all so happy!  I really am very blessed and so thankful.

Here is a photo of us all together........ I am really so proud of them all.  Thats my mom on the left - what an amazing lady that is!  Love you all.. Lotsa :)
Love and light

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Lea White said...

What a lovely photo of you all. Your mom doesn't look 80!

Lea White