Sunday, July 06, 2008


I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. So much money is collected to go towards finding better treatment and cures of cancer - all sorts of cancer, which is good and for which I am personally tremendously thankful. But a person wanting to become a potential donor has to pay to get on the list. Somewhere between $50 and $98 is the cost to do this. To me, on many levels this is just simply and totally backwards. Many, many people who would love to help in this way, simply cannot because of the cost and this means that there are people waiting for a donor that will die because of a relatively small fee.

Just thinking about this fact gave me an even deeper appreciation of donors. Yes, I know that some join the list through drives and sometimes the fee is waived for the potential donor - but it's still paid by someone and that is most likely the family holding the donor drive in the hope of finding a donor for someone dear to them. The potential donor still has to actively do something about getting on the list. It's not just checking a box on a driver's licence application, it's not just saying yes to a vague idea, it's not something that will give any monetary reward. It's a purposeful action, giving of themselves in the hope of helping someone that is more than likely a total stranger, and paying to do so! How awesome is that?

I cannot even begin to imagine the horror of being told that Steven's only option left is a transplant, but that there is no matching donor. And it's not just Steven - it's anyone I know.

So, instead of putting our monthly collected amounts in the big "Cure Pot", it will now be going towards getting people joined up on the donor registry. A good many people don't respond to drug treatments and transplant is the only way for them. They need a donor. They need to deal with the 'now' of cancer in their life and I hope this would help someone with their 'now'.

To all the donors out there - any type - blood, tissue, organ and marrow........ I know you are awesome people. You not only go above and beyond what is required of a human being, you inspire others to do what you did. A simple "thank you" can never be enough.

So, come to just one more person about becoming a donor - Pay Forward, be a part of someones future. Tell them that it's just a mouth swab to get on the list and can be as simple as a blood draw for the donation if ever called. It's not horrific, its not painful and they will gain more than they give in the long run. Just one person. One person can really save a community.

I joined the donor registry through Amy's Army Here is someone real, a little girl, still waiting for a matching donor. Maybe you or someone you know can help? She is just one of many that are waiting and hoping.............

love and light, hope and thanks

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