Monday, July 28, 2008

bouncing days

I swore I would not become like this...........................besides, I have always been a 'cat person' rather than go moggie about a dog!

This week especially, I have been watching little Sophie who is now only 6 months old, hopping her way through the days. This little dog does not run, she hops or rocks, keeping her back legs together and bouncing along wherever she goes. She is not slow at all and gives Allie a serious run for any toys and tidbits..

She bounces around with such unbridled joy, ears flopping, rear end swinging around the corners and I swear she has a smile on her face! She has no respect for the pee pee pad at all, nor is she particular about what she considers a toy. This has made us lace all electric wires with hot pepper sauce.

This little bundle of doglet bounces around, pleased with herself at whatever she does or does not do. She will pee on the floor right behind me and bounce around like tigger on a big spring, panting for her treat with those sparkly little eyes and wagging tail! Today I caught her running off right after actually peeing on the pad and when I called her back for a treat, finally, I could almost hear her thoughts - 'who? Me? Really? REALLY? Whooo hooo!" And yes, she came back on a 'super bounce'.

What a way to live your life - so assured that you are loved, accepted, ok, the right shape, the right size that even though you walk funny, you are still loved, played with and plainly adored......... Right now matters, not yesterday, not tomorrow, heck - not even an hour ago!

Ok - so maybe I am concentrating of different things lately - but it sure makes the pcr wait time pass by with a gazillion smiles.

love and light
with a special dose for Kay, Adrian and all their family and friends..

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Barbara said...

Hi Annie

I love your stories about your dogs. Brings back memories of all the dogs we've had in our family over the years! And there have been some great ones I can tell you! I love the picture you have on here of the little one sitting by the window - it's just so beautiful. It made me really emotional and I don't know just captured something special.

It's almost 1am over here so off to bed shortly. I find myself sitting up till all hours at the moment....

Hope Steven is ok and you too.

With love
Barbara x