Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Gentle rivers........

How absolutely wonderful it is not to have anything specific to write on this blog! Wow. Did I ever think I would get to this point? I really don't want to say too much - you know, tempting fate and all that. But it really is wonderful not having anything at all, regarding cml, to write about. Sure, its always there, but its not a raging river right now - just a gently gurgling river in the very back of my mind. Soooo good.

Together with this incredibly good feeling is the knowledge that others are not so fortunate, that their Christmas season will not be as gentle. There are a good few many going through transplants and difficult times right now - and you are SO often in my mind. Adrian - wishing you the very best results from your photopheresis treatments - his blog is http://baldyblog.freshblogs.co.uk/ - some incredible reading from an incredible young man. Lea - hang in there girl, soon it will be behind you and you will be home walking Kimo again...http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/leamorrison. Lea also guest blogs on Erin's blog with Glamor Magazine - read her updates on both blogs and send her all the encouragement and well wishes you can. http://www.glamour.com/lifestyle/blogs/editor/.

Shane who is doing well - wonderful, wonderful news - you are almost at + 100 days and I LOVE success stories! :-) So many people who are travelling on this road with me - so many people who make me who I am - you are all so much in my heart and mind and thanks so much of the time.

Steven really looks great and is full into his Christmas shopping mode. A few years ago he started having fun with this past time and now I often get calls from a great variety of stores, checking with me to see if I thought his ideas are good. They always are! It's lovely to see this excitement still firmly in place.

Lisa, my middle child, is hosting Christmas Eve for us all this year for the first time. She is really enjoying motherhood and is so calm even when surrounded with her children and those she babysits.

Joleen, my youngest child, is flying in from California for 10 days with us from 23rd Dec till just after the New Year. Its going to be so wonderful to have her home again, even if it is only for such a short time. Boy, is it going to be difficult to say goodbye again!

It's going to be so absolutely good to have all three my chickens under the same roof this Christmas. I am so very fortunate, very blessed.

So, with a gently gurgling river somewhere in the distance, I wish everyone that the Christmas season is good to you all.

How absolutely wonderful to have nothing much to write about! Wow.

Love and light


Rhonda Radliff said...

Thanks so much for all your encouragement. I have had a diagnosis of CML for about... a month now. On Sprycel trial. I haven't caught up on my blog yet, but the first two installments are up and running.

You are an inspiration and I'm glad things are going well for you and yours!


Anonymous said...


We like gentle gurgling rivers in life. You are a constant source of strength, positive light, and love. You bring a sense of calm to all of us in the CML world. I am HAPPY that things are "boring" in the cancer world. Your Christmas sounds wonderful.