Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today I laughed.........

I thought I was a fairly normal person, dealing with life in a good and normal way.... well today that changed - I know I am not normal at all! I told my DOG to say goodbye to a customer! LOL.

Today my daughter and granddaughter were here, my mother and my sister. We had a good few sick computers in the shop and then one of our customers came after hours to pick up some business cards I had made for them......... I started off by showing off the photos I have taken of McKenzie Rose - "ooohhhh, look at the dimple! look how pretty she is", general coo-ing that all grandma's do :-) and then when she was walking out of the door, the doglet in my arm, I told the dog to say goodbye! Phew, what a moment that was as I shut the door, laughing at myself. I, me, Annie, actually told a dog to say goodbye! She is a cute, little sweetie pie of a doglet, but still a dog.....

Ok. So I have since decided that its ok not to be normal. I have never been normal. Normal is just a setting on some or other electric appliance. Do I really want to be normal? Not any more :-)

I am still nervously contemplating at what I am becoming, a coo-ing grandma, a more relaxed mother of a cml-er and a dog lover! Dang - when did all this happen? It feels............ not bad at all!

With those content thoughts and smiles I will get today over with and go lay my fast graying head down on my pillow.

Love and light

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