Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And so its time again....

It's time to see what Leukie the Dragon is up to again.... The PCR kit is ordered and winging its way this way, or soon will be, for that appointment later this month.

My mind has been otherwise occupied these past couple of months but as the time gets closer for that test, I find that cml nudges its way to the forefront of my brain.  Steven looks and sounds great, but that does not stop this mama from really just wanting those test results to be in and great again.

Earlier this year I saw this as sidewalk art in San Diego and immediately thought  that this is what its like in a way - Leukie the Dragon always lurking, leering at us from somewhere.....but I must say that this rendition of him makes me smile.

love and light

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Chuck said...

I love the dragon concept, as he looks so fun loving and cute but always lurking just waiting to wreck havoc on our lives. I am glad to hear Steven is doing so well, this always makes life a lot easier. I am sure the test will go as you hope and the poor dragon will have to wait a really long time to show it true self.