Monday, December 28, 2009

Hope is doing darn well!

Right before Christmas this wonderful news came through for Hans, who has had the unfortunate experiences of neither Gleevec or Sprycel doing what it needed to do for him...... Read his cml blog and his wonderful news here.

Basically Hans is a part of the Ariad trial of which I know very little apart from that it's giving him better results than he expected and so soon too! Hans, I just love your graph - it really makes it clear as to what is happening here. This wonderful news really made my day, kept an extra bit of smile on my face through the Christmas season - I can only imagine what it must have meant to you and your family.

I had quite an experience this year - and only realized it the next day... We spent Christmas Eve all together at Lisa and Brian's house..... Steven and Laura were there as was Joleen, all the kids, my sister, mom and nephew and his wife. It was altogether a lovely evening and I went to sleep feeling really great. And then, while chatting with Greg (read his blog here)half way through the next day, I realized that I had not thought of cml once - not once, the whole night! How absolutely amazing is that?

It's taken almost 4 years to get to this point and this when all is going so well with Steven... In a very small way for a very short time, I almost felt guilty for not thinking about it but then the smile came back and I am so glad, so incredibly glad.

2010 will mark 4 years since Steven's diagnosis, and Hans' great response on the Ariad Trial gives me so much hope for so many still struggling to get a drug to respond to their "version" of cml.

Hope lives, strong and beautiful.

love and light

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hockeychic said...

Amazing! That is wonderful! Glad to hear some good news on the CML front for everyone!