Sunday, October 26, 2008

More than "just one extra"!

This is what its all about - Dawn is needing a match ASAP!
The local tv channel aired a quick bit about the donor drive and this is who they showed most of the time.  I just loved it!
Anyone that is not signed up - DO IT! You might be a match for her or someone else who needs it right now........

Alta - the "Marrow Lady".  What a lovely person she is - so easy to chat with and she had no problem grabbing the walk-in's and educating them.  It was great to see and learn from her.  We hung the pictures of people around the area she used to sign people up.
Great job, Ryan and Casey  :)                                                                          

 Lisa and Brian  - double signup.  Whooo hooo!

And then Greg just HAD to make a scene!  LOL

 James and Monica - another double signup!  Thanks you two :)

Blood and Marrow donor!  What a lovely attitude - this was a pretend grimace as he was giving his Vein Lady a rough time.....:)

Dawn donating blood after signing up on the Marrow Registry
Yet another donor.... He was on tv afterwards too.
Just 'cause she is so cute and she was there!

 More very special people - our Guests of Honor for the day:

Christine (in red) - a new member on the marrow registry and a blood donor too. Thanks Christine!  She is also one of the awesome ladies at Kay's Kastles who allowed us to use their place for this drive!  Deep thanks, Ladies!

 Brian in the blood seat - great job! :)

Talking about you, Lea:

Andre giving blood :) Thanks for cutting your sailing race short to do this!

Another Andre signing up for the Registry after giving blood  :)  Thanks!

Dawn and Greg - lovely people!

Greg, Dawn, Tyler and Carolyn's Hope.  You are doing an awesome job - keep it up!

Love the concentration - Greg signing up on the Marrow Registry  :)

The Vein Ladies taking a break.  I love this picture.  I can only guess at what was so incredibly interesting outside........maybe two guys and a dog? :)  ok - leave the dog out of it.......
These young ladies were incredible.  There was never a shortage of smiles to dole out, the sense of humor was lovely and I especially loved that they even offered to sharpen the needle for me!  A really big thanks to you all.

The Vein Voyager

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Kim said...

Way to go, just wanted to say what you did by organizing this drive was awesome. I know first hand how important it is, I am a almost 6 month survivor of AML and thank goodness for the donors that saved my life way to many times to count during my treatments. I am sad that I can not be a donor, but so far have recruited my husband to be and am hoping to do more in the future. I hope your drive got lots of new donors and maybe a match - fingers crossed!