Friday, October 24, 2008

Donor Drive tomorrow

Oh wow, where is all this worry come from?  I know it will be all it's going to be and no matter how many people we get to come in, it will be a success.  So why am I even feeling as if the gray hairs are sprouting madly all over my head?  

Here is the link to the article on Glamour.  Erin gave such a beautiful intro for me that I feel as if I need to do more!  Thanks Erin!  Just what I need right now....... :)  

I have a good many photos printed out to hang up so that people can see that being a donor really does make a difference to real people with real lives.  Thanks to everyone that so kindly helped in this way - I really appreciate that, and also that you shared your story with me.  

I will take photographs, of course, and will post them up soon too.  I am really looking forward to meeting Greg and Dawn.  I keep hearing what Greg's mom, Carolyn, had to hear and what Greg and his family heard too - "there is no match for me".  Lets hope that this drive tomorrow makes at least one less family hear these words.

Love and light

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George said...

I hope the drive went well, Annie. I was thinking of you all day today. You're quite a lady. And, yes, you have made a difference.