Sunday, September 03, 2006

Getting ready again........

Being on the road has kind of kept me away from dealing directly with Steven and CML on a daily basis, there is so much else to do, to think about and to hide behind that its easy to 'forget'. Now, with Dr Druker's visit screaming up on us, I am trying to catch up again, get my thoughts in order and try to think straight. It's not easy to want to get back in the swing of things. It's been easy to let it go. Yes, it definately crept up on me at times, but I find that now that the appointment is almost here - cml is back again all day long.

Standing at the foot of Mt Ranier today, I was thinking how small we all really are, and that no matter what, that mountain will still be there in some form or another. Some things are so permanent and others so absolutely, and sometimes frighteningly, non permanent. I found my feelings flip flopping between being relieved about that and being ticked off about it.

I am way past my time and need for a 'kid fix' - its been over a month since we have seen the U3 group. Joleen is now a US Marine and in North Carolina doing her thing up there, Lisa is working full days and dealing with the early and sickkie feelings of pregnancy and Steven has started school and is working many hours overtime too. They are all doing really well with their things and I wish I could beam into their lives just for an hour or three, give them each a beeeeeg hug and then let them get on with it again and beam back here....

Anyway, Steven and Laura fly into Portland on Wednesday 6th. The flights with Corporate Angel Network did not work out so they are flying normal commercial flights both ways with three connections each way! Its going to be interesting to see how they enjoyed it all when they get here.......... Laura has never flown before and Steven says he has had his hair cut good and short - LOTS to chat about when they get here. I just know I am going to cry when those two get off the airplane!

Now I need to go and sort out papers again and get all my questions and ducks in a row for Thursday morning! I hear that there is a bus from the campground that will take us all the way up to the hospital - glorious! No traffic worries........ And, as a serious bonus - the bus will bring us back too :-) ......... now just to make sure we know where to catch it.

Love and Light

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