Monday, August 28, 2006

Portland Coming up

Long time since an update on Steven.... he has been going for his regular blood tests and all seems well apart from a low count here or there, says he. Both him and Laura are working very long hours right now and Steven has just signed in to start college for night classes lasting 2 years. He will be studying CAD - Computer Aided Drafting/Drawing.

He is not sitting still at all and we are so very proud of everything he is doing and the fact that they are moving forward in their lives and not getting stuck with all this going on.

Both he and Laura will be flying out to Portland early September to meet with Dr Druker on the 7th September. We will meet him there and hopefully get them to the coast for a few days before they fly back again on the weekend. Steven does not want to miss his first long lecture of college so it looks as if the tentative plans we had for Corporate Angel Network to fly them out won't work, but thats life and we are now looking for flights out to Portland on a 'regular jet'.

I will update both this site and the other after the visit with Dr Druker - we are really looking forward to meeting him! And I am looking forward to seeing some results with my own eyes, its almost like a craving - I need to see those blood numbers again.........

So, all appears well for right now - lets hope it keeps on in a positive vein foreverrrrrrrrrrr

Love and light

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