Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another one :)

And so the days and weeks tick tocked by and I was surprised at how 'normal' this waiting has become.  I find my mind touching on CML every now and again, and as the test result time comes closer, I look for reasons that it might be higher again this time.

But no - this time it was, once again, a WEAK POSITIVE! Another rainbow in our lives :)


And so now we go back into the 'cruising time' with no tests looming, no results - at least not for another month or two.

After close to 7 years since Steven was diagnosed, I am truly grateful to be in this place that is un-freaky, this almost normal stage and hope with all my heart that it keeps on like this.

One happy mama these days :)

Steven's mom


Chuck said...

Congrats "one happy momma" life does seem to go on when you can enjoy other things in your life and don't have to be consumed by when is the next test or what were the results. It is a good place to be in, enjoy!!

hockeychic said...

So great to read this! YAHOO!

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Thank you, Chuck and Cat