Monday, August 02, 2010

Something wonderful.....

A few months ago I started noticing this organization and did some reading up on them.  What a wonderful idea!  Click on the picture to go to their site and see for yourself, but I am going to tell you a little bit about them anyway.
This is an idea that I seriously wish I had thought of first - one that makes me smile every time I think of them or see their name.  What do they do?  You know how sometimes you want to help someone out but you know that its going to mess with your friendship or relationship or just the ease you have with each other, if you try to give them some financial help?  Well,  this company will send that money to them and not let on that its you that sent it.  Yes........ Giving Anonymously!  And when the person gets their gift, they are given a phone number to call where they can thank you (still anonymous) and let you know that they have received your gift. 
I have read their website and the news reports and all and they sound like an incredible group of people!  In a world half crazy, I think this is one of the nicest things I have read about in a very long time..
So - click on the picture above, go and read all about it and if you know anyone that can do with a lovely surprise - go for it!  And then spread the word..... let others know how they can make a difference in a lovely way and make someone else smile a bit longer.

Here is some of what they stand for:  

The Passion

Our goal is to enable and encourage you to be your own charity, and for you to give anonymously to those around you in need.

Sure, you could give money to us and expect us to find those in need. But then your neighbor who lost his job and now can't pay the bills or adequately feed his family, will not be helped.
Our Motto: We are not the 'charity' you are! Look around your community, your neighbors, friends and family. Do you see anyone in need? If so, give to them. You can give anonymously. We'll send them a check, and you'll get an email with a voice file of them thanking you. But they won't know who you are! How cool is this!
Go and visit the site and pass the passion forward - start something :)

Love and light

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Anonymous said...


Wow, I still get the chills when I read about what you are doing and continue to do. The amazing thing is all of us could say we have our own problems and our own families could benefit from extra cash. You are so special to look at others and inspire. You bring hope and life to others.