Sunday, February 14, 2010

Greeeeeat Results!!

Results are in and they are g-r-e-a-t!  

BCR-ABL/G6PDH RNA ratio : 0.0087%
BCR-ABL RNA (International scale) : 0.020%

The results read: The international scale(IS) defines a BCR-ABL RNA level of 0.1% as being equivalent to a 3.0 log reduction from a standardized median pre-treatment baseline value. This 0.1% international scale level is, by definition, a 'major molecular response" (MMR) as established in the IRIS study.

Steven had been hovering around the 0.19% (IS) mark for a good many PCR's and now this jump downwards almost at his 4 year anniversary. This is great news, but we are aware that another two PCR results of this type is needed before we really break out the party :)

Funny, it was this time that I was a tad more concerned - or was it nervous, about the results.  Steven looked a bit pale lately, but I never really know if its because of the approaching pcr or its results...  Maybe it was just me.  It definitely seems that way with these results :)

You know how people will tell you to "go to your happy place" when you are stressed out or going through a procedure that hurts... well, waiting is like that - in many ways and on a good few levels 'hurts' too but let me tell you that its almost impossible to 'go to my happy place' during those days.  I don't sit around and mope, I don't bite my nails too often anymore while waiting and I dont let the worry take control of me, but I always feel how good it feels when the results are in by comparison to just a minute or three before that.  

So much changes as soon as those results come in.....everything looks brighter and ... well - its wonderful.  Especially this time!  So...... here are some of my 'happy places' I love - just a few.

ps..... can you tell that I am a happy bird now ?  :)


Anonymous said...

Hey sis - darn fantastic results!

Chuckles said...

Tell Steven congratulations!!!!! The long wait was well worth it. It always seems when you worry the most the results are good. Enjoy your son's great news.

hockeychic said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Wonderful, wonderful news! So happy for you and Steven!

Anonymous said...

That's such fantastic news!!! I'm so pleased for you. I've been thinking of glad the wait is over.

Barbara said...

Wow! That's just wonderful news! No wonder you're back in your Happy Place! I think you're amazing how you deal with everything Annie. Love to you, and a big hug to Steven. And Spring is
just around the corner - now you can really enjoy!xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratiolations for results !!!

Best Regards


Anonymous said...

Oh Annie-

I just love coming to your blog. I love the words, the sentiments, the photos, and the emotions of life. Thanks for sharing such pieces of yourself with us and the world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much annie. I need to read your words. It is always a help to me.Linda