Sunday, January 25, 2009

seeking sunshine......

On Tuesday we are leaving home for about 6 weeks or so.....  It's cold in Tennessee, Steven is doing well and there is more than enough sunshine in Baja to share with us and the camera's are itching to show what they can do with beaches, whales, sunshine and open roads again.  So, we are heading that way.

Steven has his appointment on Thursday and hopefully his PCR results will be in by then too.  He promised that he would call me and let me know - Yes, you did, Steven!  :)  Actually, I threatened to turn around and beat it out of him if he doesn't......  And then I won't be a happy chappy - especially looking at the weather channel for next week.

Anyway - we are almost packed up, have already closed the shop and are really keen to get going.  It was up to me to decide when to leave and I purposefully put the departure date before Steven's PCR results come in.  I thought I might call on Monday to find out if they are in but then that would defeat the point of leaving early.  I really need to stand back a bit.  I know that Steven is quite capable and with Laura right there with him, I know that all will be just fine!  So I won't be calling for the results, but will wait for Steven to call and let me know.

No -I don't have any nails left.  But fortunately they grow back quickly.

This week also brought a simply beautiful email from Hans, a newly diagnosed guy with cml.  That was really very special, Hans - thank you!   He has such a good attitude towards his cml journey and I wish him only good test results and few side effects and many, many smiles :)

Also please keep all positive thoughts going for Tyler and Mandy - his transplant is Tuesday afternoon!  I will be thinking of you both as we trundle down the road...... may it go smoothly and with as few potholes in the road as possible.  Hats off to Dad the Donor too  :)

If you want to follow our travels - feel free to visit the link on the right - or click here to go to the blog I have put together just for this adventure.

Love and light

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CML Wife said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Annie. We can't believe that tomorrow is actually Day 0 for Tyler's transplant, but we are definitely ready to head up the other side of this hill.

Have a great vacation! Soak up the sun and relax as much as you can.

Take care!