Sunday, June 29, 2008

Keeping an eye....

With pcr time approaching again - here's to "keeping an eye on the bug" :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie
I'm not sure how or where these comments go as I haven't worked that out yet, buthopefully they reach you.
I did post on here a couple of weeks ago. I found you from Adrian's blog here in the UK.
We are all so worried at the moment as we haven't heard anything from him or his family for four/five days now and I guess that is not good. So the best thing is to leave them be and just pray.
I think your words and comments for Adrian and his family are so beautiful and I'm glad Kay has you there. They must be a truly wonderful family, as yours seem too.
I hope your son is doing well and will continue to read your blog. I agree with you that we can learn so much from other people in all situations. My family think I'm mad to read about sad things, I think they are missing out on so much good stuff. Boy, have I learnt a lot not only about others but about myself.
I hope you receive this and I wish you a happy day!
Very best wishes, Barbara (UK)

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Hi Barbara
You can email me at if you want to.
Yes, I have also learned so much from some really incredible people, its quite amazing.
Thanks for your comments :)
Love and light