Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Been quiet

I have taken a few steps backwards over this past week - I was not dealing with things in the right way and getting way too frustrated. So I let everything drop for a while. Fortunately there is no problem letting things lay for a while, we are really so fortunate that every decision is not time critical with Steven's cml.

This week, slowly, I have been picking up the strings again. We will now send Steven's blood to OHSU in Oregon for PCR testing. Then we know that it will be analyzed to Dr Druker standards and not a lab that does not know what a baseline value is.

I have a long list of questions for Dr J when I can get him on the telephone. I hope he will be able to answer some of my questions and help point us in the right direction. I sent Dr K at Vanderbilt University Hospital an email with some of my questions, but he has not yet answered. Again, I am thoroughly grateful that the answers to these questions are not time critical.

The more I try to get answers to my questions, the more I try to find a way to calm the fears that keep popping up, the more I am so incredibly grateful for the support groups online.

I feel much calmer than last week - thankfully :-)

More later.

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